TDR streams is now with SSL!

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Starting today, we have added streams that are broadcast over secure protocols. This is done so that new browsers do not receive the “Mixed content” error on pages transmitted over secure protocols, and streams are not blocked by browsers.

You can still use the “regular” ports (for example, for old audio players), and you can use the secure channel in cases where you need to host our streams on web pages.

Also, all of our DJs and customers, of course, have both stream options.

Both types of streams can be used in the properties of “Second Life” lands and “OpenSimulator” grids – with and without SSL.

Go to the website page that lists all the options for linking to the TDR streams.

Don’t forget, you can always rent our unlimited audio streams for any of your purposes, for only $ 5 per month. No restrictions on the number of listeners, no GEO restrictions and, of course, no advertising inserts from our side.

Enjoy listening to TDR!

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