08 August 2020

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TDR streams is now with SSL!

Starting today, we have added streams that are broadcast over secure protocols. This is done so that new browsers do not receive the “Mixed content” error on pages transmitted over secure protocols, and streams are not blocked by browsers. You can still use the “regular” ports (for example, for old ...

03 June 2019

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Touche Deejay latest playlist

Mix: Touche deejay NIKOPOL exclusive techno set Date: May-Jun’19 Genres: #Techno, #Hard-Techno Listening: MIXCLOUD HEARTHIS TDR RELEASE

01 June 2019

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Techno live set at Nikopol Station SL. Jun 1st, 21:00 GMT

Stream sponsor: Touche Dance Radio

11 January 2018

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10-11 Jan TDR airtime Playlist

Download the playlist on January 10-11 via this link. (PDF) https://drive.google.com/file/d/17ChAXng9ELr9JLW9UAoV4zMqDdA1z96H/view?usp=sharing

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