TDR Stream links

These are links to streams that you can add to your SL or OS lands.
Also, you can use these links for any media player on any operating system.

Main stream

Just copy and paste one of this links to your land preferences or to your device.

TDR works around the clock, without ads. There are many live performances of electronic DJs, themed broadcasts and hand-selected the best classical and modern dance tracks.

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Weekly Schedule


Rent our streams!

Use our streaming channels for your purposes.

If you are a virtual DJ or Singer in “Second Life” or Opensimulator Grids, we make you a unique advantageous offer: 64, 96, 128, 256 or 320 kbps Icecast streams with an unlimited listeners

for only $5 per month.

Our streams have no geographic restrictions and do not contain ad insertions. Your music or performances will be delivered to each of your listeners and fans.


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